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A God-Sized Vision for 2018

December 28, 2017 by Brian O. in

Brother Andrew once said, “We have to live a life that’s more revolutionary than the revolutionaries.”

And it’s true.

The same passion and vigor the revolutionaries and extremists demonstrate should be exceeded by our passion to live an out-of-bounds, extraordinary life for the name of Jesus.

As we head into 2018, we’re more passionate than ever about standing with the persecuted—and connecting you directly to their stories.

We’re also embarking on one of our most visionary campaigns in our 62-year history by partnering with the local church in Iraq and Syria to help Christians return and rebuild homes and communities.

Noeh, a 12-year-old boy from Iraq, sits in his old room that was burned by ISIS.

This large undertaking isn’t just about patching up houses but reestablishing entire Christian communities in the wake of ISIS. The Christian presence in these regions is strategic to the furtherance of the gospel and the advancement of the Kingdom. It’s big. And we can expect the forces of darkness to show up in all their strength to thwart this mission. That’s why we’re calling the entire Body of Christ to work together, with one voice, in prayer and support.

We’re also continuing to stand, boldly, with persecuted believers all over the world. From India and Egypt to Somalia and North Korea—and everywhere in between. We’re praying big prayers, backing it up with daring missions and expecting God to do incredible things through His church in 2018. And we’re thrilled you’re on the journey with us.

And even though persecution continues to accelerate around the world, we’re hopeful…because in the midst of it, God is spreading the gospel and using His Body to show the radical love of Jesus in action—in the very face of darkness.

India: Reena was abducted for her faith in Jesus Christ.

At Open Doors, we believe in hope. It’s part of our core DNA. We want to create awareness about the depth of persecution—connecting you to the persecuted church every day—but we also want you to see the hope and joy these persecuted members live out on a daily basis. In fact, it’s the joy and hope that we need to celebrate more—even in the midst of persecution and suffering.

We often read and quote the first half of 1 Corinthians 12:26—when one member of the Body suffers, all suffer with it. Which is true and accurate. However, sometimes we don’t complete that thought. What comes right after? When one member rejoices, all rejoice together.

It’s true that we need to be aware of suffering, to stand in solidarity—and advocacy—for our most vulnerable members. But it’s also true that we should rejoice together with them. When prayers are answered, persecution is relieved, justice is served and believers gain greater freedom in hostile areas.

So here’s to living out a revolutionary, hope-filled faith, together, and standing with the persecuted with one united voice—more passionately and sacrificially in 2018.

Brian Orme
Sr. Content Director, Open Doors
*Image credit: IMB.ORG

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