God Using A Strange Kid Like Me

July 3, 2012 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution


I was kind of a weird kid growing up. I had a vivid imagination and random collections of things like corks or money from around the world.

I spent most of free time inventing things or going on an archeological dig in my backyard, unsure if I would rather be an archeologist or an inventor when I grew up.

My obsession with other cultures began at an early age when my parents bought me a book highlighting different kids and cultures from around the world. I spent countless hours reading this book, wanting to learn more about each country I read about.

Flash forward twenty years later; it is amazes how God has used some of the passions from my youth. No, I am not an inventor or an archeologist, but He has allowed me to work with people from all around the world- for His Kingdom’s glory!

Not only do I get to learn more about some very fascinating countries and cultures, I get to be a part of an organization which works with persecuted Christians- some of the most faithful believers I have ever encountered. Every day I am challenged by their faith.  

He has allowed me to use the gifts and talents He has instilled in me, along with the passions from my youth to help my persecuted brothers and sisters. How humbling is that? I am super blessed!

How has God used the passions from your youth to bring you where you are today?