God Working in the Heart of An Egytpian Father

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

To Ghada it was like living in hell. As a young Coptic Christian woman living in a small village in Egypt, Ghada dreaded the time every day when her father came home. Like many Christian families, her father’s character and mentality was shaped by the overwhelmingly Islamic society around them.

Nearly every evening her father would take out his anger on her mother and the children. One night, during an outburst, Ghada screamed at him to stop. Angered by her rebellion, he beat her severely. Mentality and now physically abused, Ghada lived in fear of her father…that’s when a miracle happened.

A few days later a neighbor invited Ghada to attend a women’s retreat organized by local churches. Oh how she wanted to go, but she dreaded asking her father for permission. In her heart she could already hear him say “no.” Surprisingly however, her father agreed! At the conference Ghada understood for the first time how to accept Christ as her personal Savior. On the last day a counselor challenged her to forgive her father, and to start praying for him even if she did not believe anything could happen. Sobbing quietly, Ghada prayed; “God, I do not know if You hear me but please change my father.”

Scared to return home, and back to her abusive father, she was amazed to find that he was already a different man. Taking Ghada in his arms, he said, “I have hurt you deeply. Please forgive me.” What happened while she was away? Had God listened to her prayers? Amazingly that the same week Ghada’s father had also been invited to a meeting. There he heard the gospel and came to know Christ in a personal way.

Now, over a year since the conference, Ghada’s father is growing in love for God. During a recent revival meeting many were surprised to see him arrive early bringing a large group of relatives and neighbors with him. This man, who was once known to be so brutal, had now become a witness for the Lord. Open Doors, in partnership with local Egyptian churches, is involved with women’s empowerment ministries, helping Coptic women and girls know Christ and be healed from their wounds.