God’s Amazing Faithfulness in the Life of a Nigerien Woman

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


A few years ago, a couple in my Bible study was struggling to conceive a child. They had been trying for years and were not able to have a child.

My heart went out to my friends. They had been disappointed so many times- it was so difficult to watch. However, we live in a society where this couple (especially the woman) would not be shunned for not being able to conceive. That is not always the case in some areas of the world. 

For most women in Niger, not having a child after some years of marriage is a bitter pill to swallow. What made this even more unbearable for Mariama was the fact that her husband and in-laws started to show discontentment towards her.

As a Muslim, Mariama went from pillar to post in search of help, but found none. From her Islamic heritage point of view, Mariama took a step of faith in a distinctly divisive direction. With bold determination she turned to Christians. “I was frightened but since nobody could help, I thought, ‘Why not try this Jesus?’”

Mariama poured out her heart towards a Christian pastor. It did not matter to him that she was not a Christian. Apart from his willingness to hear her out, the pastor’s display of sincere compassion for her, a total stranger, deeply impressed Mariama.

After ten years of anguish, God answered the cry of her heart and gave Mariama a perfect baby boy. Not minding the consequences; she wholeheartedly surrendered to Christ and gave her life to Him.

And consequences there were. Her husband and in-laws drove her away once they found out about her new faith. Mariama was no longer welcome with her own parents either. With nowhere to go, she found a safe haven with a Christian family. They are taking care of her and her baby to this day.

“This baby boy is my symbol of comfort,” say Mariama. “But Jesus is my one and only Comforter. I can face whatever I am going through because I am following Him. My baby and I will always love God, our Creator and Redeemer.”




*not actual photo of Mariama

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