What Do You Take For Granted?

October 18, 2013 by Open Doors in

Harmony Grove While soccer practice and cartoons are thoughts that often consume many American children’s minds, these sixth graders from Harmony Grove Middle School caught the vision that there are more important things in life that God wants us to think and care about. Although they are young, they are not letting that stop them spread the word about and help support their persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Here is a short letter that Ms. Kelly sent to Open Doors: When the sixth graders at Harmony Grove attended Christian Council on Wednesday, it was evident their hearts were softened by the persecuted church. Their act of assembling to worship was brought into a new perspective. We live quite sheltered lives here in our little bubble. However, Brother Kevin, with Open Doors, opened our eyes to a bigger world and a bigger purpose. The students could not believe that other kids around the world were being persecuted for their faith. The stories of the suffering children made them appreciate what they have in America. Not only were our students moved to be more thankful for our freedoms, but also they took on the challenge to “walk in their shoes”, and lift up these children to the Lord. We prayed collectively as a group and agreed we would write encouraging words to children across the world who are suffering for their faith. After Christian Council dismissed, students were still conversing about the news they had just received. Several students felt compelled to share this information with their churches. Many students said they would be at every Christian Council because they knew a lot of kids in the world could not even attend such a neat thing. I hope and pray that through Brother Kevin’s presentation students would truly sense the significance and power of Christ in their lives, and that the persecuted church would be encouraged by their commitment to prayer. We plan on praying for them at each meeting we have.

(By Lyndsey Kelly)

Harmony Grove Lyndsey Kelly is a sixth-grade teacher at Harmony Grove Middle School, in Haskell, AR, and she is the sponsor for the Christian Council. Kevin McMahan is a volunteer Bridgebuilder for Open Doors USA, and he speaks to churches, youth groups, and others to increase awareness of today’s persecuted church.

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