Guest Blog Post: A Christian in Egypt

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in ,

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The following blog is the latest of seven blog accounts from a co-worker in Egypt about the chaotic, changing situation in Egypt in the last two weeks:

June 28:

It’s been three days now since Dr. Mohamed Morsi was announced as the new president of Egypt. I have to admit that it took me and many Egyptian Christians a while before we restored our balance after receiving the news.

Egypt was entirely shaken on Sunday. Some Egyptians jumped in joy for the victory of their man, while others sat down in a far corner and cried after the bitter defeat.

The time between the closing of the polls and the announcement of the elections result was very hard on all of us. Seven full days were too long to wait. The entire atmosphere was wrapped in confusion. The church prayed a lot and Christians cried out loudly to the name of the Lord to save our country. We became tired!

There are now a few solid facts that can be clearly related to the situation of the Christians of Egypt:

  • Some Christians who put their trust and comfort in a certain candidate, hoping for a man who could possibly protect us and look after our interests and well-being, are now in great devastation and panic.
  • “Thy will be done” was our main prayer during the times of confusion. We prayed (and are still praying) for God’s will to be manifested and proclaimed in our country, even though the results may be against our preferences. And so it was.
  • We also prayed that the Lord would save Egypt from possible violence and bloodshed that was most likely going to happen after announcing the name of the winning president. The Lord answered our prayers! There was no violence or loss of lives after the new president was named.
  • We Christians can’t make enemies of people. Our entire call and message is to take the love of Christ to all people in our nation and pray for them to have the life-changing meeting with Jesus. There is no space in our agenda for hating or rejecting anybody no matter who he/she could ever be.

How wonderful to read the words of Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. MY Shepherd is very close to me and He does lead me even in the valley of the shadow of death; this is exactly when I fear no evil because He is with me, walking by my side.

What a glorious privilege we Christians have.


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