What Happened In Egypt After 200 Christian Buildings Were Destroyed…

April 16, 2014 by Open Doors in

Last August, many of you partnered with us to support Egyptian Christians who had their homes, churches and other buildings destroyed in a series of anti-Christian attacks. Because of your help, we were able to help many of these Christians rebuild their lives. But there is even more good news! Egyptian Christians are seeing thousands of people coming to Christ in recent months. At one evangelical event in particular, more than 15,000 people dedicated their lives to Christ. Now these Christians need your help for a different reason! With so many people coming to Christ, there is an urgent need to provide Bibles, Christian Literature and discipleship training. Egypt is just one example of several countries where people are turning to Christ, in spite of the persecution. In Syria, despite the violence and turmoil, people are coming to local churches and dedicating their lives to Christ! When you give to our Bible and Gospel Development fund, you can help support new Christians in countries like these, and let them know that they are not alone! Thank you for joining with us in supporting our persecuted brothers and sisters in countries like these, and for equipping them to spread the gospel- even with their persecutors! Open Doors 14-jan-app-cta

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