How A Digital Bible Changed A Persecuted Christian’s Life

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution


The gift of hope featured for today is a digital bible. If you are like me, I typically have a hard time knowing what I want for Christmas. Perhaps this year you can ask someone to give a digital Bible in your name. They only cost $ 5 and can really bless a persecuted Christian.

A Chinese Christian who had received this digital Bible told Open Doors why this particular Bible meant so much to him. “All my life, I have never been able to read,” he said. “I would only hear the Word of God read by other believers. But now, I have a bible of my own- a Bible I can listen to at any time. In fact, I bring it to work on the field every day and listen to the Bible all day. This is such an amazing gift.”

Before hearing this story, I hadn’t realized how a digital Bible could really change the life of a persecuted Christian. This man had been illiterate his whole life, limiting his interactions with the Word of God. Now he is able to listen to his Bible at any point of the day. What an amazing gift!

Lord we lift up all of these Christians who will be receiving a digital Bible. Encourage them with Your Word and allow them to grow more in You. Amen!