How God saved this Nigerian boy from a dark future

November 12, 2021 by Christopher Summers in Stories of Persecution

When Sele’s dad was killed, it meant no future for Sele. But God had other plans …

Sele may not remember the day of his father’s death, but it’s forever seared into the memory of Sele’s mom. “My husband died in 2011, on a Sunday,” Cecilia shares. “That morning, he went to the market. His cousin had died, and I was preparing food to take to the family’s house.”

The next day, Solomon had still not come home. “Later that day, they told me that my husband was killed, and his body was brought to a hospital close to our neighborhood,” Cecilia continues. “I hurried there. Outside I saw his sweater (discarded on the ground) …”

In the afternoon someone came to the family’s house with a shovel to bury Solomon.

“… it was at that point I began to scream and shout.”

“When my husband was alive, we were living peacefully,” Cecilia says. “He was a farmer and provided in all our needs.”

The day Solomon was killed, his attackers undoubtedly knew they had struck at the heart of a Christian family’s future. Cycles of violence against Christians have left countless widows and their children in deep economic strife. When Solomon was killed, the chances were good that Cecilia would become yet another widow exploited by her in-laws, left to fend for herself with hardly enough to keep her children under a roof, fed and in school. It was easy to imagine Sele as another boy without his dad, growing up desperately poor and completely alone.

But God never left Sele’s family and the attackers’ plan failed. “I decided to hold on to Jesus …” Cecilia says.

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