How Safe Houses You Are Providing Are Saving Lives

November 11, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

Seventeen-year-old Sitora of Tajikistan recently became a Christian. Within a few months of giving her life to Jesus, she began to face brutal persecution… from her own brother.

“I came home one night and my brother told me he didn’t think I was a good Muslim anymore,” shared Sitora.

“I told him that I had become a Christian and he began to violently beat me. He had been using drugs and beat me very severely. When the rest of my family came home and tried to help me, he began to threaten them. He wouldn’t allow them to take me to the hospital.”

Sadly, Sitora’s story is common in this region – family members not just disowning, but violently beating converts to Christianity.

But thanks to you and other friends, there is hope! Your support makes it possible to help put Christians like Sitora in safe houses when they have to flee their own homes. These places not only offer physical safety, but a place for spiritual encouragement, trauma counseling and other vital assistance as well. 

The mainstream media may not be reporting it as frequently, but Christian persecution is at an all-time high and continues to increase. Though others are not always aware of what is going on, we are so thankful for you and other friends, who not only choose to be aware, but to do something as well!

Sitora suffered a broken nose and bruises all over her body for her faith in Jesus. And other believers continue to endure persecution that’s even worse. But your prayers and support help them to survive, carry on and continue living out their faith in the most hostile regions in the world.

You have been so faithful to help this year. Thank you for your commitment during this crucial time to ensure that secret believers like Sitora are not forgotten and are reminded that the Body of Christ is standing with them.

Thank you again for standing with these believers!