How Your Donations Were Used This Month

November 11, 2014 by Open Doors in Persecution updates

Each month, your faithful support impacts the lives of persecuted Christians. Here are some of the ways your donations helped persecuted believers around the world:

Bible & Gospel Development

Christians in several Central Asian countries are arrested if they are found with a copy of the Bible. For this reason, Open Doors has been working to deliver digital and audio Bibles.

“Christians can carry God’s Word more places now,” shares one coworker. “The audio Bibles are also an amazing blessing for those who cannot read.”

Women & Children Advancement

“My husband was murdered for preaching the gospel,” shares one Colombian widow. “It has been difficult to make ends meet without him.”

Open Doors is using your donations to help this woman and others provide for their families. Additionally, Open Doors provides trauma counseling for many widows who have lost their loved ones.

Christian Community Restoration

Many Christians in Iraq and Syria have been left as refugees following the infiltration of ISIS in these countries. As winter approaches, many do not have warm winter clothes or shelter to keep them warm against the severe winter weather.

Thanks to your ongoing support, Open Doors has been able to meet the ongoing needs of those who are living as refugees.

“We are able to provide families with enough clothes to keep warm this winter,” shares one pastor.

Your ongoing support is changing lives. Thank you for the amazing impact you have made and continue to make.