How Your Gifts Are Being Used

January 7, 2015 by Open Doors in Persecution updates

With 2014 being the worst year of Christian persecution in recent history, the need to help persecuted believers around the world has greatly increased. But your support helped meet the needs of these Christians– both those whose stories made the news and those who did not.

Here are some of the ways your donations helped persecuted believers around the world:

Bible & Gospel Development

Your support helped deliver Bibles and Christian literature to believers who were desperately waiting for them in the Middle East.

“Some groups I delivered Bibles to had already begun copying them by hand because they were eager to have their own personal copy,” an Open Doors worker shares.

Women & Children Advancement

In an undisclosed Southeast Asian country, you helped provide critical training for Christian women.

“In Southeast Asia, society perceives women as secondary in terms of role and identity,” shared an Open Doors worker. “Through this training, they discovered who they are in Christ and that their identity was not based on how they were treated in their culture.”

Christian Community Restoration

Christians who face extreme persecution from governments, societies or families, are often ostracized or forced to flee. This is why Open Doors safe houses are so important– and they’re only made possible by your support.

“I’ve learned that indeed God provides for us,” shares one recipient. “In the first place through the sacrifice of His son, but He also provides us with comfort and strength.”

Thank you for closing the funding gap in 2014– your prayers and generosity provide help and hope to persecuted Christians around the world! Your ongoing support is critical to ensure these projects and so many others continue throughout 2015.