Your support helps 45 displaced Christian families in Syria

October 18, 2019 by Robert Kenna in Persecution updates

At the Evangelical Church in Hasakah, Syria, Open Doors—through your support—is helping 45 Christian families who’ve been displaced during the Turkish border conflict. 

Open Doors is working in three of the largest Christian communities in northeast Syria to provide aid, emergency relief and long term support. We recently spoke with one of our partners in the field to hear how the relief is going at the Evangelical Alliance Church in Hasakah.  

Nazira Asyo is an Open Doors partner in Syria. She’s a confident and busy woman in her sixties and manages the Hope School in Hasakah. She’s also a member of the Evangelical Alliance Church—and oversees Christian relief and aid. 

“The families were so happy with your help, ” Nazira says with a big smile. Through your support, she’s helping 45 Christian families who fled for the Turkish invasion last week from Ras Al Ain and Darbasiyah.

“I serve about 45 Christian families that are displaced from Ras Al Ain and Darbasiyah, and a few families from Tal al Khabur, there were some bombs that fell there, but now it’s stopped,” Nazira says.

Nazira, on the left, gives aid to a displaced believer.

Nazira, on the left, gives aid to a displaced believer.

Sadly, more than eight years of war has made the people in this region used to bombings and shooting. “I felt like they are used to this like they’ve been there before. But of course, they still didn’t expect that it would be this big. The size of this crisis was shocking to them. But they told me that they have faith that they will go back to their homes as soon as possible.”

“Right now, we are helping them with food packages [and] medical aid and detergents,” Nazira adds.

“These Christian families in general now stay with relatives or friends, and a few are renting a house. These families receive coupons. They were very happy when I welcomed them with pastries and encouraged them with the Word of God.”

This woman is being helped through the Evangelical Alliance Church in Hasakah.

This woman is being helped through the Evangelical Alliance Church in Hasakah.


Open Doors is on the ground helping Christians who’ve been injured in the crossfire—and those who’ve lost their homes in the bombing. We’re also working alongside pastors and church leaders to meet the immediate needs of Christians in the area. 

While the ceasefire is undoubtedly an answer to prayer, the danger is still present for Christians in the region—and this is only a reprieve. One of our partners in the field, Aziz, says, “This is a precarious calm. Whatever happens, the need that existed before the Turkish incursion is still there.”

The coming days and weeks are critical for the future of Syrian and Kurdish Christians in the northeast region. Please continue to pray.

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