‘I couldn’t get those words out of my head’ — How a song sparked a beautiful journey of faith

September 12, 2022 by Noah Cassetto in Asia

God meets us all in unique ways. Through his Word, through prayer, through conversation with friends, through sermons, through natureto get to our hearts, God’s creativity knows no bounds. For Tari in Indonesia, it was a song that she heard years before she accepted Christ. 

Tari grew up Muslim, but in her first year of high school, she heard a song that sounded familiar. The song, which she later found out was called “As You Want,” declared, “Not with gold and silver, You redeemed me with Your love and sacrifice.” Something about those words brought incredible peace to her—she remembered hearing them on TV when she was little. 

Tari knew the song was Christian, but she went and found more Christian songs anyway; she couldn’t get enough of that peaceful feeling. Slowly, she began to realize that there was more to this God that these songs were talking about. While she continued to practice Islam, she asked God to lead her down the right path. 

And God answered her request. 

One night, God met her in a dream. Tari was on a long road with a brilliant light at the end. As she was walking, a voice told her, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” 

“I couldn’t get those words out of my head,” said Tari. “Finally, I tried searching for it on Google and discovered that it alludes to John 14:6 in the Bible. I came to the realization that Isa Al-Masih (Jesus) is the way and the truth and the life. Look, I get goosebumps as I remember that moment!” 

She eventually talked to her uncle, who is a Christian, about all of these things and accepted Christ into her heart. “I was so happy that I finally became a believer,” Tari exclaimed, “I was overjoyed; I purchased a cross necklace. And when my mentor asked if I want to be baptized, I answered yes right away. Whatever happens later, let it be.” 

But in her community, converting from Islam to Christianity isn’t easy. When she returned home, some friends spotted the cross necklace and ripped it off. She was hurt, but not mad. Eventually, God even used her to help one of her friends find the love of Jesus—from the beginning, Tari was witnessing to her community. 

The hardest part came when her mother found out about her faith. Tari knew that if her mother ever discovered her, she would be angry. So one day, while Tari was out of town, her mother found her baptism certificate. Sure enough, Tari’s mother grilled her with questions about why she left Islam to follow Jesus. She couldn’t accept her daughter’s new faith. Tari was afraid of going home and decided to stay away, living with her mentor while she considers what to do next. 

Open Doors local partners in Indonesia are in contact with Tari and supporting her through prayer and encouragement. Tari hopes to one day face her mother and her family again, but she’s not ready to do that yet. 

What she does know is that God is faithful. God walked her through the whole process—from a curious Muslim to a steadfast Christian. And it all started with a simple song. 

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Lord, thank you for Tari’s beautiful story of faith. Thank you for the way you were always ready for her, guiding her steps at every turn. We ask that you would continue to use her faith to bring more people to you, specifically her family. We trust that you hold Tari’s future in your hands. In Jesus’ name, amen.