I Lost My Entire Family

July 12, 2016 by Open Doors in

Your support is already changing Christian lives!

“I lost my entire family- my husband and six children,” Dunya, a Christian woman from Syria shares.

We recently shared Dunya’s story with you, a story which represents the lives of so many other Christian women around the world. And you were faithful to respond!

Because of your quick and generous response, Christians like Dunya in areas around the world are getting the help they need to rebuild their lives.

“With ISIS spreading to more and more regions, more Christians have been attacked and displaced,” shares an Open Doors co-worker. “And Christian women are especially vulnerable in many of these societies where they are already denied several rights and freedoms.”

But thanks to your support, these women are receiving more than they ever thought imaginable.

“Thank you for providing housing, food and other needed materials for Christians who have lost everything,” shares the Open Doors co-worker. “Many of these Christians have arrived, fearing that they have been completely forgotten about and are then amazed to see that their needs are being met by believers on the other side of the world! Though many of them have lost everything, they realize that they have a future and there is hope because God is meeting their needs through other believers.

The global persecution of Christians continues to be on the rise, though many people have stopped taking notice of these horrific events. However, thanks to faithful friends like you, the needs of countless Christians like Dunya are being met, with critical resources needed for survival.

Thank you for continue to care- and for continuing to stand with these believers through both prayer and your generous support!

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