‘I Share Life’ – Youth Throughout the Middle East Sharing Christ’s Love

March 1, 2016 by Janelle P in Middle East

A few weeks ago, we told you about the ‘I Share Life’ campaign happening throughout the Middle East. Young Christians seek to use their online presence to share the love of Christ online.

Adira* (21) is one of the youth involved. She is from Aleppo but left Syria three months ago. Now, she is living as a refugee. She used to attend a large church in Aleppo, participating in one of the oldest churches in the Middle East. “I served the youth and Sunday school children there,” she shares. Adira has a beautiful singing voice and used to participate in the liturgy of her church as a singer.

She had to leave the city when it came more and more under siege from the warring parties. “It is very hard, but we tried to stay and serve the people until it was just impossible for us to stay.”

Adria describes what life in Aleppo is like these days: “The basic needs for life are not available,” she explains. “There is no water, no electricity, not enough food and no safety.”

Living abroad as a refugee, Adira has not yet joined a new church. She expresses that she feels emotionally and psychologically drained after all the tensions of the past few years. However, joining ‘I Share Life’ partly fills this gap for her. “I love to encourage people in general and I believe that social media platforms are great tools,” she says. “They allow me to share my testimony and verses from the Bible to be a great encouragement for others.”

One of her wishes is to keep singing and to share the hope of Christ online using her voice. Local Christians are helping Adira to record a song, just using basic equipment. She is planning to share this with the ‘I Share Life’ community.

*Names changed for security reasons