‘I will never renounce my faith in Jesus Christ’

September 2, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Persecution updates

Persecution can come from many different places. The government, terrorists and community members can all carry out harmful persecution.


For many, there is one place where persecution is most difficult: their family.

When faith costs you your family

Zaman is a believer in Bangladesh. Before coming to Christ two years ago, Zaman was Muslim. The joy he found in Christ, however, changed his life, compelling him to leave Islam and follow Jesus. Wanting his family to experience the same thing he had, Zaman encouraged his wife and two children to follow Jesus.

But soon after Zaman came to Christ, he came under pressure to return to Islam from his family. It wasn’t ideal, but it also wasn’t unbearable: He continued going to church weekly and witnessing to those around him, including his family. Being a Christian was not easy, but at least he had his family.

Until a few months ago.

Recently, Zaman and his wife had a quarrel. In the aftermath, Zaman’s mother-in-law took Zaman’s wife and children, leaving him without his family. Zaman called his in-laws multiple times, pleading with them to let his wife and daughter return to him—they were his family, too.

He got the same answer every time: His father-in-law would only return them if Zaman renounced his faith in Jesus; he couldn’t accept.

“I will never renounce my faith in Jesus Christ,” said Zaman. “If my wife wants a separation, I will not stop her, but I cannot degrade my faith in [the] Lord.”

Zaman’s mother asked her daughter-in-law to return as well, but only Zaman’s daughter came back to her father. As things stand now, Zaman’s wife will not return to her husband and daughter.

It gets worse: Zaman has learned that his father-in-law is planning to allege that Zaman tortured Zaman’s wife and forced her to convert to Christianity. In Bangladesh, these are serious allegations that could put Zaman in significant danger.

Zaman didn’t see this coming. He is frustrated and angry that his faith has cost him his relationship with his wife. For six months, he has been caring for his children as a single father—he misses his wife and longs to be reunited with her.

Open Doors is accompanying Zaman through this hard time. Join us in praying for him and his family, that God would reunite them and that they’ll live in unity.

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A prayer for Zaman and his family

Lord, we ask that you would be with Zaman during this incredibly difficult time. We ask that you would return his wife to him and that any broken relationships with his in-laws would be restored and made stronger than ever before. We trust that you can write a beautiful story in this family. Keep Zaman strong for his children and provide him with what he needs to care for them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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