Will You Pause This Sunday to Pray? Download These Resources to Join In.

November 1, 2017 by Sarah Cunningham in Connect With Us

Good morning, friends,

Let me tell you. We love when supporters like you tune in to read articles on our website. But even more than that, we want to give you the opportunity to go deeper–to develop real connections to our team, our work, and to persecuted believers around the world.

Today, I bring you a meaningful, simple way to do just that–to pause and stand in solidarity with Christians facing persecution.

International Day of Prayer

When we talk to persecuted Christians, one of the things they request most is that we ask people to pray for their strength. That God will give them the perseverance to push through the hardships they face while living in regions that are hostile to Christianity.

The International Day of Prayer (or IDOP) is a special day set aside to do just that. We try to create a groundswell of people all over the world who join together on the same day to pray for Christians sharing the gospel in our world’s most dangerous places.

The International Day of Prayer falls on the first Sunday of November each year, which means it is coming up this Sunday, November 5.

A Few Ways to Participate

1. Follow #IDOP social media posts. On Sunday, November 5th, Open Doors will be sharing one prayer request per hour throughout the day on our social media. If you’re not already following us, please connect on Facebook or Twitter so you can follow along.

2. Download a screensaver/background on your gadget. We’ve created images that you can download and save as your computer or phone’s background image. You can find those here.

(Don’t know how to change your background image? No problem. We got this. Click here for 4 ways to change it on a PC–IBM compatible–computer.  Have a Mac? Find 4 ways to change yours here. Want to change the background image on your Android phone? Click here to learn how. For iPhones, use these instructions. If you have a different type of phone or computer, we suggest googling “How to change background image on [insert name of gadget].”)

3. Download resources to help your group pray. You can download materials to help your Sunday school class, small group, Bible study, or church participate in the International Day of Prayer here.

Please join us.

Life often keeps us busy round the clock, hustling and multi-tasking to knock out our to do lists. But on Sunday, we invite you to pause and see and support the persecuted believers who exist–often hidden from the public eye.

This Sunday, we stand with persecuted believers as one global church.

Let me say in advance that we’re grateful for every one of you who comes alongside us to support these believers this Sunday. We couldn’t hold this event or spread the word about this important day without you. Please feel free to share it all over your church and social media…and, remember, we love hearing from you. If you participate and want to share your story, drop me a line here. You will make our team’s day.


P.S. We would love to see a photo of you with your device decked out with the IDOP screensaver. Please feel free to post it to us on Twitter or Facebook using the #IDOP hashtag. Or you can send it to me directly at SarahC [at] Odusa.org.