Iranian Christians call for worldwide prayer as 5th deadly COVID crisis hits

August 18, 2021 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

As Iran (No. 8 on the World Watch List) faces what the New York Times has called the “most cataclysmic wave yet of the coronavirus,” Christians in the country are asking us to join them in a three-day prayer and fast August 18-20. On Monday, the country reported a record of 655 COVID-19 deaths over the past 24 hours led by the highly contagious Delta variant.

Coronavirus is just one of the many crises haunting the country estimated to house the largest group of secret believers in the Middle East. The high death rate of the pandemic, a huge water shortage in the country, constant electricity cuts combined with ongoing conflicts with other countries and a dissatisfaction with the government inside have made the daily lives of many Iranians a struggle.

The video below was sent to us by Edward Hovsepian (superintendent of Hamgaam Council of United Iranian Churches in Europe and brother of Haik Hovsepian murdered in 1991 for standing up for persecuted Christians) on behalf of the Iranian Christian Community in Europe. Edward asks the Open Doors community to “keep in mind their secret believing brothers and sisters in Iran.”

Our field shares: “Iranian Christians  know Open Doors has a large network of prayers warriors, so they hope reaching out to them with this message will fuel worldwide prayer.”

Below, Christians in Iran share prayer points for each day of focused prayer:

photo: Iran, August 16, 2021. (Photo by Morteza Nikoubazl/NurPhoto via AP)

Pray with us for our family in Iran

Day 1, August 18—The nation of Iran

  • Pray for economic stability and wellbeing of the people who cry out to God in the face of the oppression they experience.
  • Ask God for provision and strength to endure as our country faces water shortage, electricity cuts, and the fifth wave of COVID-19 cases combined with the mismanagement of the vaccination program.
  • Pray that our country would rediscover its biblical roots of tolerance toward other faiths and become a beacon of justice throughout the region.

Day 2, August 19—Iranian politicians and other influencers

  • Pray for Iran’s newly elected president and new administration in the midst of chaos.
  • Pray for politicians and other influencers in our country to stand against injustice.
  • Pray that the fear of God would motivate Iranian politicians to return from injustice, legislate and govern justly, and bring about possible change that would impact our whole nation.

Day 3, August 20—Persecuted believers and their families

  • Pray for the safety and protection of those in prison, for the protection of their families and loved ones.
  • Ask God to protect underground house churches in Iran and give wisdom to house church leaders and members as they follow Jesus.
  • Pray that our church buildings would be opened and that Christians and converts would be allowed to attend worship services in the Farsi language.
  • Please pray for the freedom to worship God.
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