ISIS Spreading to Southeast Asia

February 18, 2015 by Janelle P in Asia

It is probable that the recent terror attacks and the ISIS movement around the globe may reignite terrorist activities in Indonesia- a Muslim-majority country. Indonesia has had a history of deadly attacks by Muslim militants, including church bombings in 2001, Bali bombing in 2002, and hotel bombings in 2009.

In January of this year, the US embassy in Indonesia issued a security alert for hotels and banks on potential threat against US-associated facilities in Surabaya, East Java. This is Indonesia’s second largest city after Jakarta. Earlier in December 2014, 12 East Java citizens were arrested for their involvement with ISIS. So far, Indonesia has supplied more than 500 ISIS fighters to the Middle East. Unfortunately, the Indonesian anti-terrorism law is not strong enough to curb ISIS support.

Terrorism is also brewing on the island of Sulawesi. In January, the anti-terrorism squad Densus 88 shot a long-sought terrorist suspect in Poso, central Sulawesi. (Poso saw a sectarian conflict between Christians and Muslims in early 2000s, which killed thousands of people.) Another terrorist suspect linked to the East Indonesia Mujaheedin (MIT) was arrested in the same month.

Please join us in prayer for the Indonesian government to deal with terrorism strategically, the spread of Islamic radicalism to be halted, and for the Lord’s continuous protection over His church in Indonesia.