It is God that makes them godly

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

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A few weeks ago, Brother Andrew (founder of Open Doors) spoke at a church event near Washington DC. One man in the audience had traveled more than 500 miles to see Brother Andrew speak. He had been a long time hero of his.

That evening, Brother Andrew shared stories from his adventures, stories of how his calling had affected his family and stories of how the persecuted enhanced his own faith.

After the evening was through, the man who had traveled so far shared a thought with us:

One thing that struck me was how the Lord used the evening to show me that even my greatest heroes are still just men. It is God that makes them godly.

Sometimes we put our ‘Heroes of the Faith” up on pedestals, whether they are persecuted Christians, or Christians who have left their comfortable life to follow the calling God has on their lives. 

Realistically, we are all just humans…it is God who makes us godly. The persecuted are not super humans, Christian leaders like Brother Andrew are not superstars, but rather they are people who have made the choice to surrender to the Lord, so that He can make them godly.

Hearing that simple observation had a profound impact….the realization that all of us can be this godly if we only fully surrender to Him. What would our world look like if we all surrendered like these individuals have? What impact would it have on those who observed us?

Lord, guide my heart, will and mind to align with Yours, so I can fully surrender to You and be filled with Your godliness. Amen.