Join Christians in Syria for a Special Day of Prayer

December 15, 2017 by Brian in

Syrian believers will be on their knees in prayer on Saturday, December 16. In the main cities of the country, meetings will be held in churches of different denominations to underline the unity of the body of Christ on that day.

Open Doors is encouraging Christians to join with believers around the world in praying for Syria this Saturday. “We think it very important to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Syria and the Syrian church. We hope that many Christians around the world will join in the prayers for Syria on Saturday,” says Open Doors coordinator for the work there.

“We intentionally booked, in every city, a church of another denomination, to underline that all churches are participating and to show the variety of the church,” says one of the organizers. For example, in Aleppo, participants will gather in the Syrian Orthodox Church, in Damascus, at a Greek Orthodox Church, and in Homs, at the Greek Catholic Melkite Church. Elsewhere, in Hama, the venue will be the Syriac Catholic Church and in Latakia, the Maronite Church.

The prayer meetings will focus on the joy of “Immanuel: God is with us” and will be covered on the radio as well as on television.


  • For believers preparing for Christmas with mixed feelings, having hoped that the war would be over by now; many families are also financially incapable of celebrating. Nevertheless, rejoice with them as they give thanks for God’s protection and presence with them
  • For the churches helping displaced families with food, medicine or rent subsidies, and for the volunteers who visit and listen to their stories. Pray that God will give them energy to continue and wisdom to know how to give encouragement
  • Through dreams and revelations, and the churches’ deeds of compassion, hundreds of Syrian Muslims have become followers of Jesus during these years. Pray that they will receive good discipleship training and that the church will be strengthened as a result.
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