JOIN: Prayer Campaign for Somali People to Hear the Gospel

July 24, 2015 by Janelle P in

In America, churches are displayed prominently on street corners and our government declares that all residents have freedom of religion. In melting pots, such as Los Angeles or New York City, it is common to have a group of friends who all hold completely different religious beliefs.

This is not the case in Somalia. Christians living in Somalia face some of the most extreme and harsh persecution today. While other nations have been more prominent in the news recently, such as Iraq and Nigeria, Somalia ranks #2 on the World Watch List of countries, just after North Korea.

With no functioning government, Christians are at the mercy of Islamic terrorists groups, often al-Shabaab. Islamic leaders proclaim often that Christianity is not welcome.

Despite this greatly intense opposition that the gospel faces in Somalia, many are coming to faith by His grace! There is a small group of believers living in Somalia, often exercising their faith in underground and secretive ways. If they were ever found out, they would be killed and their family would even receive punishment, if not death.

Believers in Somalia must get very creative when trying to share the gospel and live out their faith daily. While many are coming to faith via radio programs in the Middle East, an Open Doors partner is using a YouTube video to share the gospel!

*please note, this video is not in English, so that we can gain popularity of the video in Somali, in order for many to discover it. Please join us in praying while you hear and watch this story being told, that this story would captivate many.

Open Doors is thankful for the boldness of our partners to use their skills and resources to discover new ways to share Truth with those so closed off to it by governments and extremist groups.

Although we cannot do much for believers living in Somalia due to the extreme nature of the persecution they face, we can PRAY:

Will you join us to pray for the Somali people that will be viewing this video in their own language? We pray for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the gospel as Truth to them, and we pray that He would bring many to Himself because of this video, for His glory.

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