Join us in prayer for Afghanistan

August 18, 2021 by David Curry in Prayer updates

Join us as we urgently pray for Afghanistan

Three days have passed since the Taliban took full control of Afghanistan. The images of people risking their lives to flee the country look like scenes out of a movie. But as you and I know, this is the stark reality for tens of thousands of people.

At Open Doors, one of our seven core values is being People of Prayer. We believe in the power of prayer to, as Open Doors founder Brother Andrew said, “reach into the future and with loving hands touch those beyond our reach.”

Join us in prayer for Afghanistan with Open Doors CEO David Curry. In the video message above, David reminds us that “anything we can do to be part of hope in the midst of difficulty will be something God honors.”

Lift up your hearts and your voices to God, and stand in prayer with your sisters and brothers in Afghanistan and around the world. We are all one Church, one Family.