Join Us On Facebook Live For Presidential Debates

September 27, 2016 by Janelle P in Advocacy

The presidential debate is the trending topic you may be talking about with friends or family or seeing throughout your social media feeds.

Christians around the nation are learning the candidates’ viewpoints and policies, and determining which candidate will lead the nation.

Open Doors is participating in the dialogue about the presidential debates, also. Because we believe that whoever is elected as the next President of the United States will set a precedent for how persecution around the world is dealt with. With the freedom we are given in this nation, we hope you will join us to raise your voice and speak out for persecuted Christians.

Open Doors USA Advocacy Director, Kristin Wright, will be streaming through Facebook Live at the upcoming presidential elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We will be streaming live on the day of these events, bringing you updates on how we can bring the issue of persecution to the candidates’ attention.

Make sure to join us on Facebook Live on the day of these debates, and learn how you can advocate and speak out for the persecuted church! (Upcoming debates: 10/4; 10/9; 10/19)

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