Join With Us On #WorldRefugeeDay

June 21, 2016 by Janelle P in ,

Today, June 20, is World Refugee Day; a day filled with those committing to help the most vulnerable in their most trying and unjust days.

The UNHCR reports that there are 59.5 million refugees worldwide, with Syria being the largest source country of refugees. This comes at no surprise for those following the movement of the Islamic extremist group, ISIS.

ISIS has infiltrated many nations throughout the Middle East, causing millions to flee their violent attacks. The group does not show mercy in the face of any religion or government that goes against their distinctive Islamic beliefs.

There are also 34 million IDPs (internally displaced persons) around the world. Yemen has the most IDPs of any nation, with Iraq close behind. These two nations have often been the target of ISIS.

The Islamic extremist group has forced millions of Christians to flee for their lives. ISIS desires to eradicate Christianity, and this has cost many believers their lives.

Christians that have fled from ISIS are now facing food and water shortages, harsh living conditions and no home to call their own. These believers have had to leave behind jobs, all belongings and any sense of security.

Will you join to help refugees today on #NationalRefugeeDay, and help meet some tangible needs in these believers’ lives?


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