Knocking On Doors

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution


This week I have been learning the lesson of ‘knocking on doors’ until one is opened.

If we do not know what we should do, or what God is calling us to do, we need to keep knocking on different doors until He reveals the right one.

Persistence is key!

Even though this has been a personal lesson for me, I realize that this carries over to our prayers for the persecuted.

In 1982, Open Doors launched a seven year prayer campaign for the Berlin Wall to come down. They knew that if the wall came down, it would represent the end of communism in Eastern Europe. If the wall came down, Christians in Eastern Europe would be free to practice their faith and would not be persecuted as they were before.

So Open Doors, along with many other many prayer partners, prayed for seven years. And you know what happened? In 1989 (seven years later) the wall came down! A whole region that was once extremely persecuted was now experiencing a new freedom.

I remember this story whenever I get discouraged about things getting worse for Christians in countries in the Middle East. I remember this story- how God changed the fate of the region of Eastern Europe. I remember this story when I need to be reminded of the power of persistent prayers.