Korean Chinese Pastor Martyred by North Korean Spies

May 3, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia
North Korean secret agents have martyred a Korean Chinese pastor who lived in Chiangbai, a town on the Chinese side of the Sino-Korean border. Han Choong Yeol was active in helping North Korean refugees by giving them food, medicine, clothing and other goods they needed for survival back in North Korea.
Last Saturday (April 30th), pastor Han left his home just after noon and was supposed to return before 5 pm. When he didn’t come back, a large search was set up. Around 8 pm, his lifeless body was found, visibly maimed by stab and axe wounds. People who worked with Han described him as “extremely passionate for North Koreans.”
Han’s ministry always came with a price. In November 2014, a deacon of his church was kidnapped and never heard of again. Pastor Han knew he was a target too, but continued his ministry.
Han was 49 and leaves behind a wife, a son and a daughter as well as the local Three Self-Church (600 members) he pastored.
Prayer points:
– Thank God for the life and dedication of pastor Han.
– Pray for comfort for Han’s family and church members, who are now without a husband, father and shepherd. Also pray that they will be able to forgive the killers.
– Pray for others involved in North Korea mission work, that God will make them courageous and will protect them.
– Pray for forgiveness for the spies who murdered pastor Han. Pray they will repent and come to know the One for whom pastor Han gave his life.
– Pray for the kidnapped deacon and the many other Christians held captive in North Korea.
*representative photo