North Korea: A Light Of Hope In The Darkest Place On Earth

October 2, 2013 by Open Doors in

main-october-blogShe had no money. She had no food. She had no future. When a Chinese-Korean woman traveling through North Korea told Hye* that she could earn a lot of money in China, it seemed like an offer she could not refuse. Hye and a few other women crossed the cold border river in the middle of the night. At the other side, a few strong men waited for them. When the doors of the van slammed behind them, Hye knew something was terribly wrong. Along with more than 50,000 other North Korean women currently hiding in China, she had been tricked by human traffickers… The people in the van hardly spoke. There was no way of telling where the car would take Hye and the others. They were brought to some kind of office building, and locked up until one by one they were sold to Chinese men. “I cried every single day for the first three years of my stay in China,” Hye recently told Open Doors. “My so-called husband beat me terribly. He also impregnated me and we had a child together. At one point I could not take the beatings anymore and I ran off. I am hiding from him now. A neighbor, who is also an illegal North Korean refugee woman, brings me my son every now and then so I can spend some time with him.” Open Doors has trained several women to work with North Korean women in China. Cho Hee and Min Jung started their ministry a little while ago. “God must really love these women,” says Cho Hee. “It seems like they are… just ready to receive the Gospel.” But the cost of faith can be high. A number of women under Open Doors’ care have been captured in the past few years, and were repatriated to North Korea. There they are forced to do hard labor in Nazi-like concentration camps. Their lives mean nothing to the guards. Yet, some of these women have been able to share the light of Christ in these dark places. A woman named Hea Woo was able to share Christ with so many women in the prison camp she was sentenced to that they were able to hold a secret prayer service each week. Women, who previously had no hope, were finding hope in Christ! God is using His believers to bring His hope to a seemingly hopeless place. But it isn’t easy for these Christians to remain strong. North Korea has been ranked on the World Watch List as the most difficult place to be a Christian for the past 11 years. Less than 2% of North Korea’s population of 24.5 million is believed to be Christian. Kim Jong-Un’s dictatorship strictly prohibits anyone from converting to Christianity, and doing so can be punishable by death.

Please pray that these believers would:

  • Hold fast to their faith, considering the incredible risks they take
  • See real change to come under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un
  • Have their trust be in Jesus when trials come
  • Trust God to remind them daily that Jesus is enough

*Name and photo changed to protect her identity

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