Likes, Comments, Shares and…Gospel?

April 26, 2016 by Brett Tarbell in Bible and Gospel Advancement

photo: two Muslim girls in Ankara, Turkey using a smartphone

As an Open Doors-supported Facebook campaign in the Middle East is going viral at the moment, we take a look at social media’s role in the Christian life and gospel proclamation.

Called to…Social Media?

For most of us, social media is as much a part of our daily routine as waking up or breathing. Some of us use it to keep in touch with relatives and friends, while others consider it their go-to source for stories, entertainment and news. And this is just as true for other Christians around the world. Case in point: the Middle East.

What many of us here in the U.S. might not realize is that we are by no means the quickest to embrace the latest technological breakthroughs – it’s actually not uncommon for people in the Middle East to carry around multiple smartphones. But as Christians, the question has been the same since the invention of the printing press: what is our end goal when it comes to media? We obviously have a responsibility and a call from Jesus himself to reach the world with the gospel. So how does social media relate to this call, especially in a war-torn, Islamic region like the Middle East?

Social in the Arab World

While Christians in the Middle East still assuredly watch funny cat videos and annoy their friends with political rants on Facebook, some are also using social media as a tool for evangelism. And in a region dominated by Islam, this evangelism is effectively reaching many who have never before heard the gospel presented in its fullness.

This coming Sunday, May 1, is Easter Sunday according to the Orthodox Church calendar, which is followed by most Christians in the Middle East. And what better time than Easter to share the gospel?

Your Role

More than a million people in the Middle East have already liked, commented (on) or shared images from an Open Doors-supported Easter campaign on Facebook and Instagram, which is more than 20 times the average for our campaigns in the region. You could say this campaign has gone ‘viral.’ And we need your help:

Please pray. Pray for this campaign. Pray for God to draw many to Himself this upcoming weekend. And pray for Christians the world over (yourself included) to use social media in a manner that glorifies Jesus Christ – cat videos and all.

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