Literacy- A Priceless Gift for a Persecuted Christian Child

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

girl with bible

I was five years old when I first began to read. I started with simple words like “red” or “hello” and soon progressed to full sentences. My teacher Mrs. Hamaoka and my parents showed me how to sound out words and how to formulate sentences. After a little while, I was reading books on my own and increasing my vocabulary and reading ability every year.

I am so thankful that I was given the gift of being taught to read. Literacy has given me so many opportunities. I was able to obtain a high school diploma, a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree because I was taught to read. I was able to get my first job because I was able to read. I am able to read the Bible on my own because of this skill.

Knowing how much the gift of literacy helped me in life, I can only imagine how much it would bless the life of a child who has faced persecution. Even though they live in a society where they are discriminated against because of their faith, they will be given more opportunities in life because they know how to read. Beyond this, they will be able to read the Bible on their own- an amazing gift.

Would you consider blessing a persecuted child with this priceless gift?


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