Mali, Algeria & Other World Watch List Countries in the News

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Open Doors just launched the World Watch List for 2013 a little over a week ago. Since then, numerous countries on the World Watch List have been in the news.

Mali, which is listed as #7 on the World Watch List, has been flooding the headlines. Previously unranked, the northern part of the country was taken over by Islamic insurgents last year. Many Christians were forced to flee to neighboring countries like Algeria.

While much of the world was unaware of this crisis, it is now becoming more globally recognized as pointed out in this CNN article. World Watch Monitor also noted the impact that the international intervention is having on persecuted Christians in the country (and those who had to flee).

In neighboring Algeria, there has been an ongoing hostage situation by militants upset by the international intervention in Mali. And Pakistan has been in the midst of political unrest with the upcoming elections.

These countries are making the news this week, due to the dire situations happening within their borders. However, daily life for persecuted Christians living in these countries is often this horrific.

These news headlines are an important reminder to constantly pray for our brothers and sisters living in these countries… that they would remain strong, despite the uncertainty of what could happen next.

Thank you for being One With Them in prayer!


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