A Message From Dr. David Curry- President/CEO of Open Doors USA

August 16, 2013 by Open Doors in

David Curry Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me to my new role here at Open Doors. In many ways, I feel like I’m right at home, even though I just moved my family from Washington State to relocate to the Open Doors office here in California. Despite the many changes, I cannot escape the feeling that I am at home with friends here with the Open Doors family (I’m referring to both the staff and the many supporters who have written or connected with me via social media). We are united by our shared values and concern for those followers of Jesus who are living in the most difficult places in the world to be a believer. It’s my conviction that persecution will become the number one concern for the Christian church worldwide in the next decade due to the political, moral and spiritual landscape in the world today. Fighting back the forces of destruction is a high calling. The ability to assist those precious people around the world, who want nothing more than to serve Jesus without fear of harm, harassment and the looming threat of execution, is an even more potent motivator for me. It is my hope that we, who call ourselves Christians, could share these three values:

  1. Daily concern for those in danger for the sake of Jesus name. We cannot let the constant sensational news cycle distract us from the real, ever-present danger the church is facing in North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries on the WorldWatchList.
  2. A commitment to prayer. Often it feels like we are unable to affect change in the regimes and political situations that bring horror and persecution to fellow believers. Prayer goes beyond the practical political considerations, and appeals to the spiritual dimension there is always a spiritual solution to our physical problems. We must be people of prayer.
  3. People of action: It’s not enough to just raise awareness; advocacy is an important but ultimately limited force of activism. We must be motivated to DO something to ease the pain, and assist those Christians who are imprisoned, persecuted and in danger wherever they may be.

It’s an exciting honor to help lead and direct this fight, and I thank you all for your words of welcome. I also encourage you to interact and stay in touch. I’m available on social media (follow me on Twitter @DavidgCurry). I try to respond personally to as many tweets as possible. Keep me and my family in your prayers, as I settle into a new environment and get to work. God’s very best for you and your family. Remembering those who suffer for Jesus, David Curry

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