Middle East on Fire

September 12, 2013 by Open Doors in

In Egypt, hundreds of churches, homes and other Christian properties have been destroyed. In war-torn Syria, the situation seems hopeless, with the United Nation’s announcement that there are more than two million Syrian refugees. The people in these countries are facing unbelievable hardships, especially Christians who are facing more persecution than ever before. Yet, God is working in unbelievable ways…. Christians have been able to be the light of Christ, despite the persecution they face. One Egyptian Christian shared a Facebook post he saw from a Muslim neighbor: mef-01

Translation: “I praise “Allah” that you, Christians, were not brought up with the same spirit of hatred and revenge, which we Muslims were brought up with! Because, if that was the case, after all these attacks on your churches, shops, homes and people, Egypt would have, by now, been completely burned down. Keep your faith, live your principles and keep your hand lifted up to heaven as you pray for Egypt. Your prayers are the only hope for this country to rise up again.”

These Christian’s actions speak louder than words- their example of not seeking retaliation is speaking volumes to their neighbors. Likewise, the actions of Christians in Syria are having an amazing impact as well… mef-02 Open Doors has been able to help Christians in all the regions highlighted above. The church leaders in turn offer food, toiletries and other needed items to their Muslim neighbors. As they are providing them with these items, they have been able to share the gospel message with them, and have seen many turn to Christ as a result! The Christians in these countries are a shining example of Christ’s light and their neighbors are taking note of it. Despite the hardships, despite the persecution, they are able to be amazing witnesses. Egypt and Syria are facing a great deal of turmoil, but God is using His church in a mighty way! Thank you for standing with us in supporting and praying for our brothers and sisters in these countries!   Donate to Help Persecuted Christians

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