Mob Storms A Church In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Church One of the things which constantly amazes me about persecuted Christians, is all that they endure to do the things that I take for granted. As I attend church, I listen to the message and focus on what God is teaching me through the sermon. Afterwards, I make lunch plans and leave my church, never worrying about my security. However, my brothers and sisters in countries like Sri Lanka are experiencing increased acts of persecution, especially at their churches. Christians in Sri Lanka wonder if they could be attacked for faith, while I enjoy fellowshipping with members of my church. The parallel is astounding. The following is a story about a church in Sri Lanka, attacked by an angry mob. Take a moment to read their story and to pray for these brothers and sisters. Five Sri Lankan believers sustained injuries after a Buddhist monk and a mob stormed the New Life Church in Hanwella, Colombo District on Sunday, June 23, 2013. At about 9:45 a.m., a Buddhist monk stopped the New Life Church pastor who was out on a personal errand. “The monk hurled derogatory words… and picked up a fallen coconut branch and assaulted the pastor,” said NCEASL (National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka) in its second incident report this June. “A week prior to this, the (same) monk went to the village school principal and demanded that the pastor be removed from the school committee.” The pastor fled to his church, but the relentless Buddhist monk pursued him. When the pastor reached the church premises, about 20 young men were already gathered outside waiting for him. The men encircled the pastor and they began to beat him for allegedly assaulting the same Buddhist monk. “The mob then forcibly entered the church, disrupting a worship service that was taking place,” NCEASL said. “They assaulted the church members who were praying and damaged the musical instruments inside.” The New Life pastor’s two children were not spared from the attack, and his 3-year-old son sustained minor injury to the head. The men also assaulted his 19-year-old son, but he survived the ordeal unscathed. His wife had almost been attacked, if not for the courage of some of the church members who shielded her. The pastor and four other injured members of the New Life Church were taken to and questioned at the police station. The attackers, including the Buddhist monk, were present and were warned by the local police that they were in violation of the law. “The victims lodged a complaint and a case was filed in the Magistrate Courts,” reported NCEASL. The attack on the New Life Church is the seventh case of religious persecution in Sri Lanka recorded this month. Pray For Persecuted Christians Photo: A church in Sri Lanka

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