A Mother and Daughter Find Hope

October 11, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

Southern Philippines Amidst towering leaves and a blazing sun, we meet Ina Pote and Ka Mary, a mother-daughter duo from the Central Sama people of the Southern Philippines. These women, once Muslims Background Believers (MBB’s), came to faith through the Kaholatan Mat Project. This is a project headed by Open Doors to empower underprivileged Sama people through producing handicrafts made from their local crop. Considered the most poverty stricken tribe in the area, the Sama people have never been given proper education or healthcare. These people have historically been maltreated, exploited, and had no self-worth. While these people have Islamic roots, any convert to Christianity can expect twice the challenge and hardship. She shares how her mother was the first one to follow Isa (Jesus) in their family. When her mother brought her along to church one day, she explains how she cried out to Him for Truth: “Lord, is this really what you said? Is what I heard from the pastor true?’ I prayed to Isa, and He opened my eyes. He said all of it was true.” Ina tells an OD fieldworker, “My mother taught me to weave when I was just a little girl. She would sit with me and show me how to make patterns.” As she artfully takes a few pieces of pandan, the local crop, and neatly places them together to make a mat, it is obvious that she has a beautiful talent. Once Ina heard about the Kaholatan (Hope) Mat Project, they signed up, and it has changed their life. “God is using Kaholatan to provide for my family’s needs. We have enough money to buy food and water now.” Some ways that we can be praying for these women:

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