Mother’s Day In Nigeria

May 8, 2014 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

story-main-may-2014Your gifts are impacting the lives of mothers facing unspeakable persecution for their faith

  As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it is often a time of joy and celebration. But this Mother’s Day as we give thanks for our own mothers there are countless mothers around the world sacrificing everything to follow Christ. Esther from northern Nigeria is one of those mothers: Esther is a widowed mother of six. Not long ago she lost her husband in a violent attack by Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist group in northern Nigeria who are intent on stamping out any expression of the Christian faith. Since losing her husband, it has been a struggle for Esther to make ends meet. Her husband was the family’s main provider and it has been difficult to generate income to support her young family. Esther is an individual who most would expect to be in a constant grief-stricken state. And while she misses her husband deeply, she has a contagious, joyful spirit. Her warm, inviting smile lights up the room. Her peaceful presence makes it difficult to believe that she has endured so much. “The Bible tells widows that God is their husband,” says Esther. “God has used His followers to provide for my family in the most unexpected ways. Once, we had nothing to eat, and I prayed for God to provide a way for me to feed my children. The moment my prayer ended, an old friend of my husband’s knocked on the door with a basket of food, even though he did not know we were in need of food.” For Esther, each and every day is a challenge… but one she meets with incredible faith. And as her brothers and sisters in Christ, we must respond to her need. That’s why Open Doors has helped Esther start a small tailoring business to support her family as she is a very talented seamstress, specializing in making women’s clothing. Since starting her business, Esther has been able to provide for her family, and even send her children to school… a blessing made possible because of the support of friends like you. The one plea Esther has is, “Share our stories so that more and more people will know about the situation in Nigeria and pray for us.” So please pray for Esther and her children… and all the widows like her who suffer so much for their faith. And thank you for your support which means so much to widows like Esther.