A Mother’s Prayer

Chinese Woman Alina works as a head teacher in a Central Asian middle school. She became a believer about seven years ago and is the mother of four children, three of them in school. Currently, teachers in their school harass them for their faith by not allowing them to mention that they are Christians and by forcing them to pray Namaz the Muslim prayers. Recently, the government of the country signed a law which allows the teaching and studying of major religions of the world. The students and their parents have the right to choose which religion they prefer to study, or they may choose not to participate. The majority of students choose to study Islam, since they live in a Muslim country. There is no teacher of Christianity in the school. The Islamic Studies teacher has been pressuring Alina’s children to accept Islam, knowing that they are Christians. He also forces them to pray Muslim prayers. “I am afraid for my children. I don’t know what to expect,” Alina shared, her eyes full of tears. “Every day, I’m sending them to school, and I’m not concerned with the grades they will get. My only prayer is that they won’t be mocked and abused for their faith.” Alina’s husband left her and their four children six years ago, after finding out that his wife had become a Christian. *Names, photos and other information have been changed for the security of the believers.

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