Muslim Extremists Question Legality of Catholic Prayer Site

July 22, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia

Last week, the Islamic Society Forum (FUI) contested a church’s legally obtained permit establishing a Catholic place of prayer. This permit is issued by the government to provide Catholics and Christians a place to pray in private and in a group. However, individuals from FUI claimed the permit was not eligible and demanded that Bari*, the prayer venue’s Chief of Development, ceases any plans of expansion.

The prayer venue is an open space for prayer. The process to become a prayer venue takes five years and is extensive. This particular venue had just received their permit this year. Yet, Muslim extremists found a way to revoke the permit. The court honored the FUI’s demands for a review of the permit, and are not in the process of a second hearing.

“Even if we win the case, we doubt the prayer venue can still function or proceed with its expansion plan, looking back at the case of Yasmin and Philadelphia churches [whose legal permits were also revoked]. If we don’t fight back [through legal means], all of our efforts will go in vain,” said Ani*, a member of the National Unity Alliance, who has been standing by Bari’s side during the permit’s process and trial.

Although the prayer room is still functioning, people using the venue in large numbers could jeopardize the case.

Please pray for a just trial for Bari and the prayer venue. Pray that Bari has strength as he is under a watchful eye of people rooting against him and the prayer venue.