Muslims on Arabian Peninsula Interested in Christianity

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

“At least one Muslim a week asks me to explain more about my Christian faith”, says Jonathan, an expatriate in a country on the Arabian Peninsula. Several of Muslims have come to Christ after hearing the gospel from this man.

Some expatriate s in the Middle East are living there as ‘tentmakers’. They know that they have more to offer than just their professional knowledge. Besides doing their job, they use every opportunity they get to share Jesus with every seeker they meet.

Marcus sees a great need in the country that he is living in right now. “Where are the workers?” he asks looking through the windowpane of the restaurant. “We need more workers to share Christ with the Muslims who are seeking.”

John and Rebecca are a young couple living in the same country. They are very enthusiastic about the local young people. “In one year, I have built about 25 good relationships with young locals,” John says. “Some I can share the gospel with, others I could already give a Bible to.”

Daniel actively searches for interested local people at the places where they usually meet in their free time. During the weekends or in the evenings you will find him talking about Christianity with small groups of interested Muslims. “I have been able to form some very good relationships,” he says. “One man is very open to the message of the Bible.”

Open Doors helps the expatriates in the Arab world with Bibles, Christian literature and moral support. The workers in these countries see a growing need for Bibles and literature. An encouraging thing to note is that many expatriates become Christians in the Arabian Peninsula. A pastor speaks of “thousands” of expatriate converts the last few years. Several expatriate confirm this trend in the countries on the Peninsula. Even in the most closed countries, they see God’s Spirit moving and changing the lives of many expatriate workers.

Let us remember these courageous workers in our prayers. They work in a difficult part of the world, where they live in a heat that they never get used to and in an area where they have to be alert at every moment.