Help Needed For Christian Refugees Like Those In Iraq

Help Christian Refugees Like Those In Iraq In the past several days, hundreds of Iraqi Christians have been forced to flee from their homes. Islamic extremists have taken over the northern part of the country, where the few remaining Christians live. In 2003, there were a million Christians in Iraq- today there are less than 345,000… and hundreds more have been forced to flee due to the violence. The rising influence of radical Islam has accounted for increased attacks specifically against Christians. These Iraqi believers are joining the ranks of countless other Christian refugees from countries like Central African Republic, Syria and North Korea. Many of these Christians have been forced to flee from their homes, and have nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some refugee women, like those in Central African Republic, have even been victims of rape because they do not have a safe place to stay. Open Doors is working with refugees from Iraq, Syria and other countries to support their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Join with us in bringing restoration to these Christian communities, keeping these Christian refugees safe and alive. As World Refugee Day approaches on June 20th, please prayerfully give to empower these brave Christians around the world. Your gift will not only provide for the physical needs of these believers, but will serve as a reminder that the Body of Christ around the world has not forgotten about them. Thank you for your prayers and support for Christian refugees and others suffering for their faith! Open Doors 14-jan-app-cta

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