Nigeria- A Crisis Escalating Daily

February 12, 2015 by Open Doors in Africa

Things have gone from bad to worse in Nigeria.

Jumping to the 10th spot on the Open Doors World Watch List for the first time ever this year, Nigeria saw its greatest attack to date- with several other attacks following in suit already this year.

The situation has gotten so bad, that the electoral commission in Nigeria has postponed the February 14th presidential election by six weeks over concerns about the security situation in the country.

Nigeria is facing a crisis as they never have before. And Christians are the target of these attacks.

Boko Haram killed my husband,” shares one Christian widow. “I was not only devastated, but didn’t know how to provide for my children.”

Thanks to faithful friends like you, Open Doors was able to help this Christian widow start her own business and send her children to school.

“I am so thankful to know that Christians around the world know of our crisis and are praying for us and supporting us,” she shared.

With all the attacks that have happened, and the ones that are to come, Christians have been left without their homes and churches, and many are severely traumatized after witnessing such horrific events. Thanks to faithful friends like you, Open Doors is helping to restore these communities through rebuilding homes and churches and offering trauma counseling.

As the situation continues to escalate, this work is needed even more. You can continue to help Christians facing this crisis by providing critical emergency resources and remind them that they are not forgotten about.

Thank you again for your faithful support- as you can see, it is making a significant difference, even as the crisis escalates!