Nigeria- Your Gifts For Persecuted Christians At Work

June 6, 2013 by Open Doors in

Nigeria It seems like Nigeria is in the news every few weeks. Last week, Boko Haram, the main Islamic extremist group in Nigeria, nearly took over Borno State. President Goodluck Jonathan has officially declared a state of emergency in this state. Other states, like Yobe, have seen attacks against Christians on an almost daily basis. The crisis in Nigeria does not seem to be improving, leaving many devastated and unsure if their home, church or village will be attacked next. Despite this devastating situation, God is providing for these believers, who have lost their jobs, homes and even loved ones. Over the next two months, Open Doors team members will be travelling to some of the most difficult areas of Northern Nigeria like Yobe, Gombe, Kano, Taraba, Bauchi and Plateau to bring emergency relief to Christians affected by Boko Haram activity. The relief aid consists of: Assistance to 35 Yobe pastors with monthly allowance for 6 months. Assistance to 4 Wukari pastors in the form of food and clothing, rent, replacement of destroyed study materials and school fees for children. Assistance in the form of food and clothing, rent assistance and school fee support to 74 widows in Bauchi (5), Gombe (6), Bokkos (6), Dajal (5), Wase (21), Kano (31) Medical Assistance to two men affected by random Boko Haram attacks. Financial assistance to 8 families of slain factory workers and one additional person in Kano Helping 30 families to rebuild their homes Helping 20 Kano bomb blast victims to cover medical bills Support to 6 Bichi and Kano churches to rebuild after they were destroyed in violence. We would never be able to help Christians in areas like Nigeria if it were for our faithful partners around the world. Thank you for your on-going prayers and support!

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