North Korea: Special Thank You from Trafficked Female Christian

June 10, 2017 by Janelle P in

Today, we hear from an Open Doors fieldworker who is involved in women’s ministry towards trafficked, North Korean women who now live in China.

She says, “I want to tell you about lady H. Nobody cared about her life. She risked her life to cross the border river into China, because her family had been starving for a long time. One of her parents almost died. Lady H. was actually an honored party member. This wasn’t suppose to happen to her…

So she risked her life and didn’t care if she died. She had no hope for the future. When hiding and living in a small village nearby the mountain, she was helpless and lost without any one who could help her.

After we heard about her, we invited her to join our secret women’s meetings. At that moment, Jesus came to her. It was the first time for her to hear about and to realize that there was a Jesus who paid all debts for her on the cross.

At first, lady H. was laughing at Jesus. How could He die for a sinful person? However, later, she began crying when she realized that there was someone like Jesus who actually cared about her and loved her so much. She had never heard about unconditional love.”

She wrote a thank you note, which our fieldworker likes to share with you.

“I am writing to you whose name and face I don’t know, because I really want to say ‘THANK YOU’. I will always remember you and your loving support. I wish that one day, I can meet you face to face.” – Lady H.”

*representative name and image used to protect believer’s identity and location

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