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March 29, 2014 by Open Doors in ,

Kenya Have you ever wondered, “Who works at Open Doors?” Oftentimes, our focus is largely upon highlighting our brothers and sisters throughout the world facing daily persecution, and how we can best be praying for them. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our staff members who had the opportunity to visit with persecuted Christians in Kenya. In this unique post, you will get to meet one of our team members, Linda*, who recently traveled to Kenya on an Open Doors trip (Visit our website to learn how YOU can join one of our 2014 Trips). Her time spent with these dear brothers and sisters renewed her passion for the persecuted in a whole new way. In her eyewitness account, we learn how she connected with these believers, and got to be One With Them. Read about her eye-opening experience as she traveled thousands of miles to encourage persecuted Christians: Kenya Last week, I returned from Kenya where I met with members of the persecuted Church. I was overwhelmed by their courage and commitment. For me, it was one thing to read their stories and pray for them. It was another thing entirely to look into their eyes, hear their testimonies and hold their hands in prayer. I was humbled as I sat beside widows whose husbands had given their lives in their service for our King. Some of these women were still wrestling with raw grief, as their loss was very fresh. I was speechless as I watched 16 pastors kneel before our group so we that could pray for them. These men had held their dying children in their arms or had buried fellow church members who were killed in the place they gathered to worship. I watched a congregation sing and dance before God as their charred church facilities lay in ashes, the remains of an attack by Muslim extremists. I saw the powerful love of Christ moving through them as they declared their desire to reach out to those who had brought such pain with the message of the Prince of Peace. And I thought, “these are the people our Open Doors supporters are praying for, the people their gifts help support.” I wish you could have been there to hear their words, see their smiles of gratitude, taste their victory, marvel at their resolve. I have done my best to be eyes and ears for you. To all those supporting and praying for these brothers and sisters, thank you for what you do for them. You make a difference in their lives….I have seen it. They marvel that people like you, halfway around the world, are aware of what they are struggling with and lift them in prayer. It is an honor to serve them with you. God is moving throughout the nations where Christians are persecuted for their faith in Jesus alone. Would you join Linda in lifting up the beautiful country on Kenya, which ranks #43 on the World Watch List? *Name changed for security purposes

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