Why One Christian in Vietnam Wants to Preach to His Persecutors

February 9, 2018 by Ryan Hamm in Stories of Persecution

“Pray with me that one day I’ll be able to go back to my hometown and testify to the people about my faith in the Lord.”

This is Vang Atu*’s prayer.

Vang Atu, a 28-year-old father to two kids, was the first Christian convert in his village in Vietnam (#18 on the World Watch List). He comes from the Hmong tribe and once worshipped different spirits asking for luck, wealth, good health and food; but when he surrendered his life to Jesus, he completely abandoned his animistic beliefs. As a part of the body of Christ, Vang Atu evangelized to other villagers and saw at least four families come to follow Jesus. His house became their place of worship and fellowship. But one day in 2016, his house was destroyed by local authorities and villagers. He and his family were then forced to move out from their village in a northwest province in Vietnam to Central Viet Nam.

Here is his story:

Aside from Vang Atu’s desire to go back to his village to share the gospel with his tribesmen, he also encourages you to pray with him in his spiritual growth.

“Pray that I will never give up in believing in Jesus until I meet Him in Heaven.”

*Names changed and places withheld for security reasons.