One-Year Anniversary of The Islamic State’s Caliphate

June 29, 2015 by Janelle P in ,

One year ago today, the Islamic State declared itself as a caliphate. This terrorist army is run by an extreme form Islam, and has now taken over significant portions of Syria and Iraq.

This group has been a magnet to followers that are drawn by their power and authority, and they are often acting in violent or deadly ways.

As a result, this group is no longer confined to these two countries. The recent attacks in Kuwait, France and Tunisia show that this group has a mission that has not yet been fully fulfilled.

Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has led his regime mercilessly, often targeting Christians and any other groups who will not convert to Islam and follow them. He has even made the public proclamation that the Islamic State insists that this year’s Ramadan be marked by great bloodshed.

We pray for the Islamic State, as their terror continues. Although their evil and terror seems to reign and appears unmatched, we know that God has ultimate power and can change even the hardest of hearts. We pray that believers around the world would be given wisdom and discernment for how to react to this group. We know that even if their power increases, God’s endures forever, not withering away like earthly powers.

Help Christians that have been impacted or displaced by the Islamic State today:

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