One Year Later, Iraqi Christians Express Gratitude for Prayers

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Members of Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad were kneeling in worship. Candlelight bathed the sanctuary in quiet reverence as the priest administered the evening mass. Many were praying and softly singing when 7 or 8 Islamic extremists stormed through the doors, spraying them with bullets. Shouting over the screams they ordered a priest to call the Vatican demanding the release of Muslim prisoners in Egypt.

After four long hours, Iraqi security forces launched an assault on the church building seeking to rescue hostages. In retaliation the Islamic assailants blew themselves up. In all 58 people died, many at the hands of the militants who began killing hostages when the security force assault began. The Christian community in Baghdad was left to mourn, heal and find strength in Christ to go on.

In memory of that fateful night on October 31, 2010 several members of this Iraqi community sent letters of encouragement and gratitude to the many Christians who prayed for them during their time of darkness, letting them know that they are stronger than ever in their faith and love for Jesus.

Marwan writes, “…your prayers filled our hearts with warmth and gave us strength.”  

“I am always looking forward to my savior Jesus, pray and test the Word of God and His love every day, asking for more love for him. I am asking Him wisdom and to offer me the will to forgive and love,” writes Samar

“O Lord, Glorious God, Who enlighten our life, Give peace to us… I want to listen to you and be an instrument in your hand and obey you and always say yes to you to make your will in any way to give love to everyone, all who suffer for your love,” writes Hiba.



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