Online Campaign Helps Christian Families In The Middle East

May 25, 2016 by Brianna Nishie in

On May 15, an online campaign started in the Middle East. Its goal is to support Christian parents raising their children with biblical values. The campaigns runs until the end of May through several Arabic websites and social media platforms.

“Christians are a minority all over the Middle East… Growing up, almost everywhere they go, kids are exposed to non-Christian values,” said Farouk*, a father affiliated with the campaign.

The campaign will include a mixture of online counseling and training sessions reaching parents in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Although society contributes to teaching non-Christian values, the education system plays an even bigger part in shaping children’s faith.

“Many Christian parents can’t afford to send their children to a private Christian school, so they send them to free public schools which offer education based in Islam. All over the Middle East Arabic is taught using religious texts; there are Quran classes and the children are brought up in a completely non-Christian atmosphere. That makes education the biggest headache for Christian parents in the Arab world,” Farouk said.

Pray for the quality of lessons in the program. Pray for God’s inspiration as updates, blogs and responses are created. Lastly, pray for parents struggling with raising their children with biblical principles, and that this campaign will educate and empower them.

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