Open Doors mobilizes during coronavirus scare

March 13, 2020 by David Curry in Stories of Persecution

During times of hardship or darkness, God’s light in us often can shine the brightest. If there is one thing our persecuted brothers and sisters have taught us, it’s this.

Their inspiration has moved the Open Doors team to pray for you. We know that you—our supporters and partners—represent many families, churches and ministries across the United States that will bring hope and peace to your communities during this crisis.

We are also praying this same prayer over persecuted Christians whose situation will likely worsen during this pandemic. While we are still assessing the full impact, which will vary from country to country, we know that supply shortages and economic downturns will undoubtedly complicate life for some believers in the world’s most difficult places.

These believers are already minorities in primarily Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist countries. They already face difficulties and danger from militias, extremists or hostile governments. They are often seen as second-class citizens, traitors or infidels.

For those who ALSO live in countries with significant outbreaks, history tells us they will have less or no rights to advocate for themselves with police or public officials, less access to basic provisions like medical supplies, and that they will experience more discrimination in receiving emergency aid or human services

No matter how difficult or complex this scenario becomes, though—through your gifts—Open Doors will never stop.

We are committed—no matter what—to continue taking Bibles, discipleship training, emergency relief, medical assistance, trauma care and more to persecuted Christians during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve been in this more than 60 years, and we remain committed to the long haul.

In the meantime, we stand strong with the least of these. And we ask you to join us. To not just ensure we Americans and our neighbors have a reasonable stock of Tylenol or toilet paper in our homes, but to ensure those who are vulnerable, shut-in and financially under-resourced in the Body of Christ have what they need too.

That’s why, if God lays it on your heart, we invite you to join us now in obeying Christ’s call to care for the vulnerable. To pray for those who face more severe need with fewer resources. And to believe together that when we give, we lift the world’s heart … as well as our own.

In the next few days, we will be sending updates and prayer requests to share how believers in hostile and restricted regions are doing.

We will also be praying that God gives your family all you need to be well and at peace.